Certify Your Venue

Attract Customers, Be Inclusive and Retain Staff

Is your venue noisy? You may be turning away 30% of potential customers and staff. According to WHO, this noise-sensitive group represents a market share worth over £2.25 billion in the UK alone!

Step Up Your Audio Game

Let’s face it, a lot of venues and events just aren’t cutting it when it comes to sound inclusivity. And the cost? Lost revenue, unhappy customers, and a tarnished reputation. Not exactly the dream, right?

Since 2018, we've been on a mission, supported by big names like the UK Innovation Agency, WHO, and the UK Noise Association. Together with experts in acoustics, audio experience design, hearing psychology, and technology, we've developed a tested solution to the recreational noise problem. Say hello to smart noise monitors and a unique audio accessibility score designed to make your space and team audio compliant and inclusive.

Some of Our Clients

How it Works


An engineer will visit and install a Mumbli wireless noise monitoring system, which consists of small individual units placed in appropriate areas of your venue for maximum coverage.

We will also generate a digital floor plan of your venue, so we can offer a visual view of the monitored area via our online dashboard and report.

Detailed Analysis

Your venue will be monitored for a minimum of two weeks. After that time you will receive a detailed report with easy to understand analysis, actionable recommendations and an overall rating for audio inclusivity (A, B, C or D).

You will get access to the Mumbli online dashboard for real time monitoring of your venue’s noise levels, data insights and high noise level alerts during this period.

Tailored Training

After the analysis and certification is complete, you can choose to receive an onsite interactive training session with one of Mumbli’s hearing wellness experts who will conduct a bespoke programme for your team. This engaging training session will include education on relevant scenarios and practical actions that can be used to improve your accessibility policy and staff wellbeing.

Once the training is complete, we offer a free recertification so that your venue has the opportunity to improve their sound inclusivity rating using the skills that they have learnt.


Now that your venue’s certification is complete, you will receive physical stickers for your venue plus digital badges for your website to showcase your venue’s audio inclusivity rating.

Your venue will also be added to our directory of recommended venues on Mumbli’s hearing wellness platform. We can also offer promotion via our marketing and social media channels.

Why You Should Get Certified

Attract More Customers

Customers are over 80% more likely to spend money with a brand that is inclusive.

Retain Staff

Over 61% of employees and 80% of executives reported that they are not fully open about their disability. 80% are more likely to feel excluded due to noise sensitivity whilst at work in comparison to other situations.

Meet Global Guidelines for Safe Listening

We work with the WHO and global experts to ensure that our services cover your regulatory requirements.

What Our Clients Say

Being able to offer audio inclusive live music events is a real game changer for us and our global community.

Josh from
Sofar Sounds,
UK Operations

It's definitely something I'd apply to all venues and I'd recommend to other people to do it as well.

Rebecca from

I am hard of hearing and thought that I was getting better at hearing but I realised it was down to Mumbli.

Barista at
Queen Elizabeth
Olympic Park