About us

Mumbli was born out of the realisation that our world simply isn’t designed for sound.

Our story

We monitor the sound performance in venues and use this information to promote hearing wellness supported by a ‘certified for sound’ kitemark.

In 2011, our founder Marion experienced an 80% reduction of his hearing over 6 months.

Over the following 3 years he travelled to 5 different countries, engaged with 12 specialists and spent over £12,000 on technology to try and find a solution.

In 2014 Marion co-founded Hearology, an ear care tech company, to offer better solutions to young people experiencing changes in their hearing, but he realised the world needs a more holistic approach to the problem.

This is where it all started.

Three pillars of hearing wellness

After years researching and talking to hundreds of experts, we’ve come to the conclusion that hearing wellness depends on three key, interlinking areas.


By optimising these three things, and having them work together, we can truly get the most out of our hearing

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Mumbli’s mission is to transform social spaces

So that everyone can hear and be heard while they work, meet and date. We want to change how society interacts with sound at the intersection of hearing health, social spaces and technology.

Right now our primary focus is on sound in social spaces – from guiding people to a Mumbli certified venue, to working with venues to achieve and maintain their desired atmosphere.

Our goal is for acoustic performance to be an integral part of the design of every social space across the globe. We picture a world where looking after your ears is just as important as cleaning your teeth, exercising or looking after your mental health. And we also believe everybody deserves to hear and be heard when they socialise.

The Mumbli team

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