Enabling Human Connection

Transforming social spaces so everyone can hear and be heard

We enable productivity and human interaction through the creation of inclusive spaces and an innovative, accessible approach to hearing wellness.

What we do

We monitor the sound performance in venues and use this information to promote hearing wellness supported by a ‘Certified for Sound’ kitemark.


We provide devices that help businesses measure, understand and advise the actions necessary to achieve their desired atmospheres


We enable people to profile their own individual hearing needs


We then recommend venues that are most compatible with individuals’ hearing personalities

How we do it

We have developed a technology based system that monitors and reports on the sound performance of public spaces in real time, enabling businesses to achieve their desired sound experience and target customers accordingly.


We collaborate with hearing health experts and academic institutions, including the University of Salford and London Metropolitan University, to understand sound performance in public spaces and the impact on hearing wellness


We have developed an IoT device that captures and reports on real-world sound data in public spaces

user research

We continually engage with our Mumbli Research Tribe through interviews, surveys and beta testing – to make decisions according to their needs and evolve our hearing wellness platform accordingly

Our partners