Managing atmospheres

We’re working to understand how people’s social behaviour and health is affected by background noise in venues, specifically the ones located in Shoreditch.

Our data

We started by measuring sound and the acoustic performance in Shoreditch’s social spaces

Restaurants, bars & cafes

Measured to date

What we found


Showing vibes as colours

It’s hard to understand what decibels mean. Loudness is just one of many factors that can influence the vibe we feel. We are using colours to describe the kinds of vibes social venues have in Shoreditch.

An ‘Aura’ can be derived from these vibes 


Same sound, different experience

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the vibe we experience is in the ear of the beholder. Two people can experience the same venue in two completely different ways.


Capacity for conversation

It's frustrating when a venue suddenly becomes too loud for a meaningful conversation. In only 30% of our measurements, conversation was unaffected by the loudness and acoustics of the venue as the place got busier.


Venues in Shoreditch


Health impact

Sound affects our heart rate – and even how food tastes – even when it’s below the WHO recommended sound levels to avoid hearing damage. However 7% of venues may cause hearing damage to staff & customers after only 50 minutes, 50% possibly doing so after 2 hours. 

Hearing Auras