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Improve your social and work life without the unwanted noise.

We're building solutions that support noise sensitive people through every day, event, and goal.

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Discover Peaceful Urban Experiences

▸ Find your focus

Locate quiet workspaces in your city, whether it's a library or a tranquil co-working spot. Stay productive in environments suitable for noise-sensitive individuals.

▸ Network peacefully

Attend events designed for a calm experience. From seminars to networking events, we curate opportunities for you to connect with others without the overwhelming noise.

▸ Equip yourself

Discover products and services like noise-canceling headphones and soundproofing materials to create a personalised quiet oasis.

▸ Serene Surroundings

A comprehensive guide to peaceful neighbourhoods and accommodations, helping you make informed decisions about where to live.

▸ Community Calm

Participate in community events in quiet locales, such as farmers' markets, book clubs, and local gatherings, without the stress of noise.

▸ Home Comforts

Access a range of products and services, from soundproofing materials to quiet home appliances, to make your living space as comfortable as possible.

▸ Meet Mindfully

Discover social events held in quieter settings, from coffee meetups to art galleries and more, allowing you to socialise without the noise stress.

▸ Quiet Places Directory

Explore our directory for quiet places to meet friends, have a meal, or simply enjoy some alone time.

▸ Everyday Ease

Find services and products, such as noise-canceling earbuds and quiet transportation options, to make daily life and socialising more enjoyable.

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