Our work

We’re on a mission to improve the way we think about hearing wellbeing. 

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We want to enable productivity and human connection (in real life), through inclusive spaces and an innovative, accessible approach to hearing wellness. 

Hearing Auras

Find your hearing personality

We’re working on a “personality test” for people’s sound preferences, and working to link this to helping people find venues that are most compatible with the atmospheres they’re looking for.

Space Auras

Managing atmospheres

We’re working on visualizing the atmosphere of a venue through consistent data collection and analysis. The aim is to link this to helping venue owners manage and monitor their atmospheres to provide the best experience for their customers.

A new digital platform

Mumbli is a new digital platform for hearing wellness enabling businesses and consumers to access, benefit from and contribute to a more inclusive, healthy and prosperous environment together.

We have undertaken extensive research and development

  1. Building an understanding of how to map an individual’s sound preferences and needs
  2. How people experience sound in public places
  3. How to best communicate information about sound performance to users
  4. How hospitality businesses manage sound in their spaces

In-venue IoT devices

Our devices monitor and report on the sound performance of public spaces, in real time. This reporting powers our hearing wellness platform. Businesses use the report to understand the sound performance of their space and can therefore adapt it according to the needs of their customers, complete with a ‘Certified for Sound’ kitemark.

Certified for Sound

In turn, consumers use Mumbli’s platform to identify venues that meet their sound preferences and needs, and self-manage their hearing wellness. For example, a user can trust Mumbli to recommend a restaurant where they can enjoy a relaxed conversation with a friend, in the knowledge they can talk uninterrupted by loud music or echoing conversations.