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In 2023, the hearing wellness festival hosted in 5 venues across London!

Music gigs without the noise

On the 3rd of March 2023 we organised the Hearing Wellness Festival in partnership with Sofar Sounds in 5 venues across London to celebrate Hearing health.

Artists who listen, hosts that care

With the main act hosted in the Great Room at the Royal Society of Arts, the 2023 festival reinforced the Hearing Wellness movement that started right after the end of the pandemic. Bigger and stronger.

In 2022, we lauched our first ever Hearing Wellness Festival.

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Locate quiet workspaces in your city, whether it's a library or a tranquil co-working spot. Stay productive in environments suitable for noise-sensitive individuals.

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Attend events designed for a calm experience. From seminars to networking events, we curate opportunities for you to connect with others without the overwhelming noise.