Introducing: Certified for Sound®

Powered by smart in-store devices

We’ve been funded by Innovate UK to help social spaces attract more customers after lockdown through our Smart Hearing Wellness Platform. 

Created at the intersection between science, psychology & wellness, the Certified for Sound program connects people with public spaces based on atmosphere. We also help you optimise the atmosphere within your venue in real time!

We are currently selecting venues for a 3 month trial in London. Apply below for more details.


The benefits


Increase the number of people that can have a conversation.


Maintain optimum noise levels in your space for hearing and communication.


Maintain the experience of sound & atmosphere you want.

How it works


We’ll install our smart devices to capture live atmosphere data.

Capture Data

We’ll provide an in-depth report of your venue’s atmosphere.


We’ll work with you to optimise your initial Certified for Sound rating. 


We’ll then list you on our app where you’ll be matched with target consumers.

Certified for Sound Early Adopters